Ad-Hoc / IP Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
MH33 Handheld Mesh Radio
Model: MH33
The handheld IP Mesh walkie-talkie is small in size and light in weight. It is equipped with a removable lithium battery and can be held by an individual soldier or carried on his back. Fast network access and automatic multi-hop relay can provide multimedia communication services such as voice group calling, video echo, and relay transmission for individual soldiers, teams, and police dogs to achieve efficient collaboration. It also supports Beidou positioning function and WiFi coverage, and can conduct various communications with smart terminals with WiFi function. The system adopts co-frequency networking and multi-hop relay, and supports any network topology such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network and hybrid network topology.
Product Details

Product Introduction

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Product Features

  • Centerless networking: Nodes have equal positions and can be used as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes;

  • Arbitrary structure networking: nodes automatically identify optimal bandwidth data routing;

  • Security and confidentiality: Support AES128/256 through layer-by-layer encryption such as working frequency, carrier bandwidth, scrambling code, etc.;

  • Anti-interference and anti-destruction: Use COFDM, MIMO, ARQ and other technologies to improve data bandwidth and anti-interference performance;

  • Flexible multi-node networking: Automatically calculate link routing based on channel quality, rate, bit error and other indicators for flexible networking;

  • All-IP network interoperability: supports transparent data transmission, interconnection and interoperability of multiple systems, and real-time interaction of multimedia services;


Front-End Collection

The front end can be connected to various video collections such as legal recorders, helmet cameras, hand microphones, DV, and drone remote controls.


Centerless Networking

Nodes with equal status can serve as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes. Nodes automatically identify and select the optimal route for bandwidth data.



System Parameter

Operating frequency



5/10/20MHz,Flexible and configurable

Transmission system


Modulation mode


Transmission capacity

Peak rate 90Mbps@20MHz

RF Transmitted power


Receive Sensitivity


Video input

Support IP network video input and WIFI video access

Networking function

Networking capable

≥52 nodes

Networking hops

10 hops

Access time

5s after start up of the system

Network topology

Centerless network,star network, chain network, mesh network, etc

Encryption mode

AES128 / AES256

Power supply mold

Allocate DC 16.8V removable lithium battery

Power Consumption


Equipment interface

Antenna interface


GPS interface


WIFI interface


Ethernet interface

Aviation interface

Voice interface

Aviation interface

Physical indicators


≤214×71×38.5mminclude battery

Equipment Weight

≤800ginclude battery

Protection degree


Operating temperature



Wireless broadband communications are provided for "peace and emergency" tasks such as emergency response, anti-terrorism and riot prevention, covert reconnaissance, special operations, emergency rescue and disaster relief, daily patrols, and firefighting.




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