Ad-Hoc / IP Mesh Radio
MU33 Unmanned System Mesh Radio
MU33 Unmanned System Mesh Radio
MU33 Unmanned System Mesh Radio
MU33 Unmanned System Mesh Radio
MU33 Unmanned System Mesh Radio
Model: MU33
Self-organizing radio station for unmanned systems: small in size, light in weight, can be installed directly or reversely, easy to install, especially suitable for applications with lightweight networking requirements such as drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned boats, and robots. Scenes. With fast network access and automatic multi-hop relay, it can quickly form an interconnected three-dimensional network with handheld individual soldier systems, vehicle-mounted systems and surrounding base station networking equipment to achieve efficient collaboration. The transmission distance can reach more than 10km in open ground environment, 300~1000m in blocked environment (depending on the blocked environment), and more than 30km from air to ground..
Product Details

Product Introduction


Product Features

  • Centerless networking: nodes have equal status, i.e. as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes;

  • Arbitrary structured networking: automatic identification of nodes to select the optimal route for bandwidth data;

  • Security and confidentiality: AES128/256 support through layers of encryption such as working frequency, carrier bandwidth and scrambling code;

  • Anti-interference and anti-destruction: COFDM, MIMO, ARQ and other technologies are used to improve data bandwidth and anti-interference performance;

  • Flexible multi-node networking: automatic calculation of link routing and flexible networking based on channel quality, rate, BER and other indicators;

  • All-IP network interoperability: support for data transmission, interconnection and interoperability of multiple systems, and real-time interaction of multimedia services;

Centerless Networking

Nodes with equal status can serve as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes. Nodes automatically identify and select the optimal route for bandwidth data.





System Parameter

Frequency Range


Rf Bandwidth


Modulation Mode


Constellation Modulation


Transmission Distance

30km(Visual Distance)

Receiving Sensitivity


Transmission Rate

Peak Value 90Mbps@20MHz


Support WIFI Function

Transmitted Power


Video Input

Supports IP Network Video Input and WIFI Video Access

Voice Intercom

Optional Hand Microphone or Earphone

Networking Function

Networking Capability

Supports more than 64 nodes

Network Hop

>8 hops

Access Time

Access the network within 5 seconds after the system  starts

Network Topology

Chain, star, mesh, etc

Network Transparent Transmission

Supports Layer 2 transparent  transmission

System Function

Peripheral Interface

Ports, Audio Ports, and Serial Ports

Video Input

Support IP, WIFI input, HDMI(optional)

Control Function

Supports the Network Management System Platform

System Parameter

Encryption Mod


Power Supply Mode

DC12~36V wide voltage supply

Device Power Consumption

Peak power consumption ≤24W, standby power consumption  ≤6W

Device Interface

Antenna Interface

N type x 2

GPS Interface

SMA head

WIFI Interface

SMA head

Data Interface

RJ45 Network port (HDMI/CVBS/ serial port optional

Physical Index

Equipment Size


Equipment Weight


Protection Class


Operating Ambient Temperature



Through the unmanned system cluster, it is built into a huge information coverage network, while maintaining interconnection and interoperability among each other, and can collaborate to complete the assigned tasks in a certain formation according to the site situation. At the same time, it is equipped with wireless self-organizing network cluster communication, which is centerless, highly destructive and highly self-healing, and can be dynamically autonomous according to the site, and can quickly self-regulate to supplement the interrupted network once it encounters a failure or accident, so that the whole network system still maintains an efficient and orderly operation.




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