Dispatch Platform Solution
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
PB33 Portable Command & Dispatch Platform Box
Model: PB33
Intelligent Mesh communication system command box is an intelligent, portable and multifunctional emergency command and dispatch system independently developed by Suntor. It is a portable command and dispatch platform with the advantages of flexible networking and convenient operation. The equipment is widely used in all kinds of emergency places, such as electric power emergency repair, unmanned remote control, public security emergency control, maritime reconnaissance, fire emergency rescue, safety production supervision, etc., quickly establish a temporary command center for all kinds of emergency scene.
Product Details

Product Introduction


Product Features

  • No center Ad-hoc network: section automatic path choice, generally, flexible, easy to use;

  • Coverage: far more jump expand coverage, expand the coverage distance;

  • Transmission distance: tong line-of-sight transmission distance 10-20 km;

  • Strong anti-interference performance: using COFDM, MIMO, ARQ technology, improve the data bandwidth and anti-jamming ability;

  • Security confidentiality: through the work frequency bandwidth, scrambler, carrier layers of encryption, such as support AES256;

  • Good diffraction, diffraction sexual ability strong, can be in blocking bad communication.

Centerless Networking

    Nodes with equal status can serve as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes. Nodes automatically identify and select the optimal route for bandwidth data.






Host characteristics

Operating System



Intel I7 CPU

Display Screen

17 inch HD bright screen



Storage Mode

240G SSD

Mode of operation

Embedded mouse and keyboard

Transmission Characteristic

Frequency Rang

1438MHz(200MHz-1.5G can be customizable)

Channel Bandwidth

5M/10M/20M (adjustable)

Transmitted Power

Max 33dBm

Constellation Modulation

(BPSK/QPSK/16-QAM (Adaptive))

Forward error correcting code

1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 Optional

Digital Sensitivity

The highest -93dBm@5MHz

Transmission Rate

Peak rates are up to 70Mbps

Networking Capability

The number of chain hops in an Ad-hoc network is more than 9. The number of nodes in an Ad-hoc network is not less than 32

Data Characteristics

Rf Interface


Video Display

17 inch HD bright screen

Cable Interface

RJ45 Waterproof port *2

Intercom Interface

6-core navigational plug

Data Interface

3-core navigational plug (spare)

Power Interface

2-core navigational plug

4G Function


Signal Light

Five signal lights

Power switch

Flip the self-locking switch

Encryption Mode

AES 256

Electrical Characteristics

Operating Voltage

DC 14.8V

Working Current

≤ 7A

Power Consumption

The average power consumption of the machine is 60W

Battery Capacity


Physical Characteristics

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature

-50~ +70

Overall Dimension


Equipment Weight

14.8kg (including battery)


Wireless broadband communications are provided for "peace and emergency" tasks such as emergency response, anti-terrorism and riot prevention, covert reconnaissance, special operations, emergency rescue and disaster relief, daily patrols, and firefighting.





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