Ad-Hoc / IP Mesh Radio
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
MF43S Salt Mist Proof Mesh Base Station
Model: MF43S
The equipment has high transmitting power, covers a long communication distance, integrates data transmission and reception, dynamic routing, relay forwarding, and forms a wireless multi-hop broadband network with other node equipment to provide users with wireless transmission services for voice, data and video and other multimedia services.
Product Details

Product Introduction


Product Features

  • Operating frequency 1300-1500MHz (200MHz-1.5GHz can be customized);

  • Up to 100 Mbps bitstream;

  • Line-of-sight transmission distance of 10-100 km;

  • Transparent transmission of IP data;

  • Support two-way intercom;

  • Centerless self-organizing network, automatic selection of path, flexible networking methods, easy to use;

  • Multi-hop to expand coverage and extend coverage distance;

  • Long transmission distance;

  • High resistance to interference;

  • Good wrap-around properties;

Centerless Networking

Nodes with equal status can serve as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes. Nodes automatically identify and select the optimal route for bandwidth data.





System Parameter

Operating Frequency


Carrier Bandwidth

5.0/10.0/20.0/40.0MHzFlexible and Configurable

Transmission System


Modulation Mode


Transmission Capacity

Peak speed can reach more than 100Mbps

Transmitted Power


Receiving sensitivity


Video Input

Supports IP network video input and WIFI video access (HDMI/AV needs to be customized)

Networking Function

Networking Capability

≥64 nodes

Network Hop

10 hops

Network Topology

No central network, star network, chain network, mesh network, etc

Encryption Mode

DES (DefaultAES128 / AES256 (Additional Option

Power supply mode

DC 24-36V Power supply

Device power consumption


Device Interface

Antenna Interface

N type x 2

GPS Interface

SMA head

WIFI Interface

SMA head

Ethernet Interface

Navigation adapter

Physical Index

Equipment Size


Equipment Weight


Protection Class


Operating Temperature



Wireless broadband communications are provided for "peace and emergency" tasks such as emergency response, anti-terrorism and riot prevention, covert reconnaissance, special operations, emergency rescue and disaster relief, daily patrols, and firefighting.




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